Greetings! Thought I would take some time and share with everyone the many photos we have taken on our trips.

Photography is important because we can document something and have it forever. Photography lets us see something we may never have noticed otherwise and is a way to express your ideas for others to see.

We as human beings are expected to overlook some details of something. None of us can possibly take in every little part of a fast moving sunset or take in every detail of a place you have never been before and maybe never will again. Sherlock Holmes may be the exception since he is known for seeing every little thing, but since we are not all Sherlock Holmes we need a different way to take in all the small details that make up our existence. We overlook the importance of photography in showing us these details. The camera is a recording machine which captures the best, worst, strange, and funny moments of our lives. Those moments make up our existence and the camera ties into that existence by recording the details of the moment. Each part of our life and the world is interesting and photos is an important piece that shows somebody else (and ourselves) the detailed moments of our life. While we concentrate on the overall view of our life the photograph we took will show us the small details we may have missed later.

Photography is an amazing way to document every moment of our lives so we will have that memory forever. You can look back on the photograph and remember what was special during the time frame it was taken. With photography you can document each stage in your life journey and the life journey of those important to you. Not only is photography a way to document events in your life, but also document the events of the world that turn into history. These photographs are important so we don’t forget what took place and for the future generation to have proof.